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Complete the following passage using the words in the pull down menus. (3 marks)

When we are looking at an object, light from it enters our .  Most objects do not their own light.   Light from other sources reflects from them, and it is this our eyes detect.
During daylight, is the main source of this light.  During the , our eyes can use what little light is available, enabling us to make out some shapes.   To help us, we have artificial light sources like and car headlights to help us.  In total , we are not able to see at all.


Which of the pictures below shows how a ray of light moves through an optical fibre? A, B, or C?
(2 marks)



Which diagram below shows the effect on light by different lenses. (4 marks)

[In other words - What happens to the rays after they pass through the lenses?]




A, or B?


C or D?

Total (9 marks)

Press when finished